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Honoré's Coriander Home Candle


Our Honoré Coriander scented candle contains a plant complex that will lift your senses, just like when you rub fresh leaves of a bunch of coriander recalling the refinement of certain Asian or Mediterranean dishes.  Honore's scented candle is a bouquet of soft green leaves that deploys its aromatic appeal.

Supported by a slight metallic accent, you will also recognise mandarin zest and thyme. A touch of verbena gently concludes gastronomic olfactory experience.

Description :

Aluminium container (no seams). The lid can be placed under the candle to protect your furniture from the heat. Mineral wax enriched in plant-based wax. Cotton wick, certified unleaded.

100% Made in France according to French standards.

Candle burn time : approx 40 hours

Contenance : 200g.

Dimensions : H 8cm - Diam. : 6.8cm