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Eldorado Padded Velvet Armchair


Velvet Colour:
Forest Green
Celadon Blue
Poudre Pink

Eldorado is a range of Honoré armchairs dedicated to relaxation, and the art of living. It’s inviting allure is both vintage and very modern. Indulge in the softness of the padded velvet of this Eldorado armchair. The soft and comfortable integrated headrest of the Eldorado Velours Capitonné armchair gives it a chic and timeless look.

Eldorado’s structure is cubic in shape and is ornamented by a stylish abstract fish design or a sunshine design in the armrests. You can customize the colour of the structure in gold, white, black, brown or red. Eldorado is available in 10 vertical padded velvet colours and in 5 structure colours: gold, white, black, brown and red. Pick & Mix to create your own Eldorado Velvet Armchair.

Pick & Mix:

  • Choose the colour of the base, the design of the base and the colour of the velvet to create your Eldorado armchair.
  • See what your creation looks like after our mood photos.

Technical details :

  • Dimensions: L67cm x D77cm x H80cm
  • Seat height: 36cm
  • Iron structure covered with epoxy paint: gold, white, black, brown, red
  • Design of the armrests: Sunshine or Abstract Fish
  • Velvet colour: Brick, Black, Forest Green, Yellow, Ecru, Celadon Blue, Petrol Blue, Camel, Powder pink.

Eldorado Collection:

  • The Eldorado collection is available as a padded velvet daybed and footrest and also exists in an Outdoor version.

As seen in photos:

  • Eldorado armchair in moss green velvet, white structure, sunshine armrest
  • Eldorado armchair in forest green velvet, brown structure, sunshine armrest, embroidered cotton cushions
  • Eldorado armchair in ecru velvet, brown structure, sunshine armrest, embroidered cotton cushions