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Alba Round Cotton Armchair


Cotton Colour:
Geyser Green
Light Blue
Weaving on the outline of the circle:

Our Alba Round armchair has become a must-have of interior design and is a reference in overall comfort. With its vibrant colours, the Alba Rond cotton armchair is recognisable for its gorgeous white buttons and white seams. The structure of the armchair is in iron with a rope or raffia weaving all around the circle.

Pick & Mix to create your own Alba armchair:

  • Choose the colour of your cushion, the weaving of the circle and the colour of the iron structure to create your own Alba armchair.
  • The cotton Alba armchair cushion is available in 6 cotton colours: white, yellow, indigo. The cotton cushion has a stylish white seam and white cotton buttons in the padding.
  • Pick a colour for your structure: gold, white, black or brown
  • The circle outline of the chair is woven in raffia or in rope for a more or less brut look.
  • Alba is entirely handmade by our Moroccan craftsmen, each item is unique.

Technical details :

  • Dimensions: L80 x W80
  • Seat height: 40cm
  • Cushion covers with removable and dry cleaning covers, interchangeable with velvet and leather covers
  • 6 cotton colours: white, yellow, indigo and grey
  • Weaving on the outline of the circle in raffia or rope.
  • Metal structure coated in epoxy available in gold, white, black or brown.

Alba Collection:

  • Alba is also available in leather and velvet.