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La Famille CookBook - Marseille Edition


Stéphanie Giribone is back in this new cookbook inspired by her latest restaurant La Famille Marseille.

If you want to reproduce Stephanie's delicious recipes, this book is for you.

Like the previous edition, Stephanie reveals seasonal recipes which will be easy to prepare, wherever you live on the planet.

Vive la famille! 

Photos, copy, editorial creation : Sophie Denux

Recipes : Stephanie Giribone

For those who would like to taste Stephanie's recipes first hand, you can book a table either at La Famille Marseille, au 36 rue Edmond Rostand, 13600 Marseille France - Tel : +33 (04) 91 58 26 11, or at La Famille Marrakech, 42 Riad Zitoun El Jdid, 40000 Marrakech +212 5243 85295