Mix and Match our products : the options are (almost) endless

Mix and Match our products : the options are (almost) endless

Honoré products are designed to match our customers' personalities. This is why we have decided, via this website, to offer almost all the possible combinations of our products. For the first time online, we are over the moon to offer objects that can be a harmonious addition to your home.

Timeless structure colours

Our metallic structures are coated with epoxy paint and are available in up to 5 colours: gold, white, black, brown and now red. You can find most of these metallic structure colours in our lighting range, our shelves and our iconic chairs and sofas from the Croisette, Eldorado, Carmen, Circle and Tam Tam ranges.

Luxurious fabrics

Our chairs, sofas and ottomans are available in a myriad of luxurious and soft fabrics, from pure cotton to velvet for and our water resistant range of colourful fabric for outdoor living. Some of our objects are even available in leather.

An attention to detail in our wooden furniture

Our wooden furniture is available in three different colours : natural wood, varnished dark wood and white painted wood. You can find these timeless shades in our Carlo range, and the Ruby Cube table.

Generations of mastery in our woven goods

Our woven goods are in raffia (a sustainable fibre) or woven rope. We are so proud of the exceptional work of our craftsmen do on our objects. Find our woven goods in the lighting range and the Carlo Range. Last but not least, our Parasol lighting range wouldn't be the same without our nimble-fingered seamstresses who accessorise our lights with adorable fringes in gold, green, orange and black.

Ceramics recently joined our product catalogue in the most beautiful natural colours : our new collection of ceramic lamps such as the pendants Georgette and Henriette, and our table lamps Eros and Miro are available in 4 natural colours : terracotta, white, cacao and cobalt blue.

Of course, not all our products are available in stock. If they are not in stock on our eshop, you can pre-order them and you will receive your custom-made Honoré object in a few weeks. You can check out our production cycles here to see when the next batch is going to be made and when to expect your pre order to arrive chez vous. You never know, you may be a few days away from production closing dates and receive your products earlier than expected?

In any case, feel free to browse through our website and to contact us if you have any further questions via the form here.

Annick & Ingrid

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