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About Us

The Honoré journey began in the 1980s in Marseille. Annick Lestrohan, a mother of five, felt a compelling urge to express herself creatively. To honor her family, she embarked on designing a unique line of children's and women's clothing.

As time passed, the Honoré brand underwent a transformation, gradually shifting away from children's fashion to focus on home interiors. At the dawn of the new millennium, Annick's daughter, Ingrid Giribone, joined the venture, introducing the brand's first collection of simple yet elegant decor.

Thanks to the remarkable talents of this mother-daughter team, Honoré's creations have reached nearly every corner of the globe, from Byron Bay to Los Angeles, Dubai, and back to the original Marseille store—where you might just find Ingrid crafting her latest designs.

Ingrid has been at the helm of Honoré's artistic direction for some years now. With each season, under the watchful and supportive eye of Annick, she crafts sophisticated, timeless, and pure designs, drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean's diverse shores. Every piece from Honoré narrates a unique story, lovingly and precisely shaped by the hands of Moroccan craftsmen. Their mastery transforms each creation into a singular masterpiece, embracing its perfect imperfections.

Honoré is more than a brand; it's an invitation to experience the beauty of the Mediterranean lifestyle. It embodies the warmth of human connections, the joy of family, and the art of creating moments that matter. Each piece is not just an object but a bearer of the brand’s essence, designed to bring a touch of this rich and vibrant culture into your home.

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