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About Us

About Us

The Honoré adventure started in the 80s in Marseille. Annick Lestrohan, a mother of five, had an overwhelming urge to express herself, and as a tribute to her tribe, Annick created a line of children's clothing. Honoré has evolved over the years, slowly moving away from children's fashion, and towards interior design. In fact, Annick's daughter, Ingrid Giribone, who studied architecture joined her mother in the 2000s, and it is now thanks to this remarkably talented duo that Honoré objects can be found on almost all continents of the world: from Byron Bay to Los Angeles via Dubai and the Marseille store, where you may be able to spot Ingrid and Annick in the midst of creation.

Every season, Annick and Ingrid create sophisticated, timeless and pure objects, inspired by both sides of the Mediterranean Sea. Honoré products are the result of an acute attention to detail, and are all manufactured entirely by hand by extraordinary Moroccan craftsmen. Each object is, as a result, unique. The art of living, the sun, friendships, the Mediterranean and craftsmanship are the values ​​that percolate into Honoré's products. We hope you can take these values back home with an Honoré object.