Kaa Chandelier

S : 2 heads
XL : 4 heads
Structure colour:

The spirit of Rudjard Kipling's infamous character is alive in this beautifully crafted chandelier.  Plant your candles, fruit or veg on these beautiful organic pieces and let the movement hypnotise you.

Kaa is available in 4 structure colours coated in epoxy paint : white, black, brown and gold.  Kaa will find its place in your indoors or outdoors and will complement your other Honore objects.

Handcrafted: each chandelier is entirely handmade by our talented craftsmen. You may notice slight imperfections from one item to another. These natural variations are evidence of our craftsmanship and symbolise the quintessence of Honoré's perfectly imperfect objects.

Technical details 

  • Dimensions : 
  • 4 heads : 50x7cm base, branches are 10/20/40/30cm high
  • 2 heads : 25 x 7cm, branches are 40/20cm high

Available in black, brown, white and gold epoxy coated iron

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