Dive into Honoré Déco's creative universe with the new B&B at La Relève in Marseille

Dive into Honoré Déco's creative universe with the new B&B at La Relève in Marseille

When Honoré Deco Revives the Retro Charm of Bed and Breakfasts in Marseille 

In the heart of Marseille lies La Relève, an iconic establishment that has recently opened its doors to new, irresistibly charming bed and breakfast rooms. Thanks to the talent of decorators Ingrid Giribone and Annick Lestrohan, each room has been meticulously transformed to offer visitors a unique and memorable experience.

In this article, embark on a journey into the creative and retro universe of Honoré Deco, and delve into the innovative details and meticulous design that make La Relève a true Marseille gem.

La Relève : More than a Decorative Project, a Family Story and an Artistic Passion Passed On 

Annick Lestrohan and her daughter Ingrid Giribone played a vital role in the transformation of La Relève...twice. In the 2010s, they successfully metamorphosed the recently acquired bar owned by Edouard Giribone (Annick's son and Ingrid's brother). Together, the family managed to turn this modest neighborhood bar into a trendy and sought-after venue. Thanks to Edouard's exceptional cuisine and Ingrid and Annick's vision, the whole tribe contributed to infusing new charm into the establishment.

Consequently, a clientele eager for new culinary experiences arrived, and when Greg Mandonato and Greg Hesseman took over the reins in 2013, they continued on this path, preserving the trendy essence and adding their own creative touch. Thus, La Relève became an emblematic place, combining the family heritage with the innovative energy of the new owners.

Hôtes Spot

Nestled between the lively streets of the Old Port and the magnificent Notre-Dame de la Garde, the La Relève bar and B&B has emerged as the ultimate hotspot in this vibrant neighborhood. Once you enter the main staircase, you'll discover a collection of charming bed and breakfast suites, with two rooms per floor, each boasting its own unique layout. The space effortlessly harmonises, treating guests to unobstructed views of either Rue d'Endoume or the adjacent Place Joseph Étienne. These thoughtfully curated rooms have been brought to life with an intuitive sense of style, accentuated by a captivating interplay of colours and retro-inspired decor.

Unique suites, each telling their own story 

Each room at La Relève has its own identity and theme, offering visitors a unique experience. The specific colors and carefully selected decorative elements define the atmosphere of each room. Whether it's the blue room evoking a Mediterranean ambiance, the pink room with Rococo accents, the green room inspired by the tropics, or the yellow room with Provençal charm, each space transports visitors to a bygone era.

The suites are an elegant journey into the 50's

This extensive renovation was an opportunity for the Honoré Deco duo and their clients to scour Avignon, Montpellier, Saint Rémy-de-Provence, and Eygalières for multiple treasures to bring poetic charm to these extraordinary rooms.

These suites resemble beautiful escapes, vibrant getaways, and reveries full of character and life. As you enter the rooms, grace fills the air: walk-in showers or freestanding bathtubs, unique desks and headboards, preserved Provençal floor tiles or replaced terracotta tiles, woodwork crafted by Romain Davidico, a local Marseille artisan... The linens, bedspreads, curtains, and cushions have been custom-made. Their peculiarity? Incredibly cozy terry cloth material!

Each room has its own colour code (blue, pink, green, or yellow) and associated theme: tropical, Rococo, Provençal, or Mediterranean. This gave Ingrid and Annick the opportunity to let their enlightened ideas run wild and create a delightfully quirky atmosphere that generously breathes the essence of the South.

The Blue Room - an Ode to the Mediterranean


The Blue Room at La Relève transports you to a refreshing Mediterranean ambiance. The blue tones and terracotta create a lively and sunny atmosphere. The room features a freestanding bathtub, a walk-in shower, a unique desk, and comfortable bedding. The curtains and cushions have been custom-made to add a personalized touch. The ceiling suspension is our suspension Eldorado bicolore.

The Green Room - Tropical Paradise


The Green Room at La Relève immerses you in a 1950s tropical paradise. The green tones and stripes in the bathroom create a lively and sunny atmosphere. The room features a walk-in shower, a custom-made bench, and comfortable bedding. The curtains and cushions have been custom-made to add a personalized touch. You'll recognize our suspension Eldorado bicolore hanging from the ceiling, the suspensions Cruz in textured green enamel above the bed, and our Inès wall sconces in textured green above the sofa.

Yellow Room - Provençal Charm



The Yellow Room at La Relève transports you to a sunny and warm Provençal atmosphere. The bright yellow tones and the terracotta floor and walls create a friendly and welcoming ambiance. The room is equipped with a walk-in shower, a desk, and superior quality bedding. The curtains and cushions have been carefully selected to add a touch of Mediterranean style. Discover our  suspensions Cruz in burnt yellow and the  striped Eldorado pendant light.

Pink Room - Rococo Elegance

Immerse yourself in the elegance of Rococo style with the Pink Room at La Relève. The delicate pink tones and decorative ornaments create a romantic and sophisticated atmosphere. The room features a walk-in shower, a unique desk, and superior quality bedding. Discover our Eldorado striped burgundy pendant, which perfectly complements the room's blinds and cushions, as well as the Dolores chair in burgundy canvas with a brown iron structure, serving as a desk chair. 

In summary, La Relève in Marseille is much more than a simple hotel establishment. It is a true haven of reverie where vibrant getaways come to life. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in unique rooms that showcase the exceptional craftsmanship of Honoré Deco.

La Relève
41 Rue d'Endoume
13007 Marseille

La Relève bed and breakfast rooms: 4 rooms available for your overnight stays, starting from 130 euros/night. Reception at the bar of La Relève - Breakfast options available at the bar from 8 am.

La Relève Bar & Restaurant: Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 10 pm, Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Phone: 04 95 09 87 81

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