Reviving and Redefining Fashion: Meet EGG Vintage

Reviving and Redefining Fashion: Meet EGG Vintage

If you have visited our shop in Marseille, you have undoubtedly seen the original creations of Elsa Giribone, aka EGG Vintage. 

It seems that talent runs in the family. Elsa Giribone is one of the daughters of Annick Lestrohan. Elsa has a gift of bringing vintage clothing back to life with style and ease, hence the name EGG, which stands for Elsa Giribone Garments. 

Elsa spends her free time treasure hunting for high-end and luxury brand clothing. She transforms them, giving them new life, new dimensions, and sometimes a new use.


In our family, we strongly believe in the idea that an object can have multiple lives. This is evident in our attachment to unique, artisanal pieces. It's our way of honouring designers and craftsmen from another era. It's also a way of respecting noble materials and good craftsmanship, and limiting our ecological footprint. 

All pieces sold at EGG Vintage are, by definition, unique and fully adhere to our family's philosophy. 

We are delighted to announce that Elsa has opened her very own e-shop, and we hope she finds the success she deserves! So why not come take a look at all of the wonderful items on offer? You can explore them in more detail both online and on Instagram.

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