Dolores Leather Armchair

Structure en fer :

The Dolores collection is making waves with this latest addition: a generously sized armchair in natural leather.  

The Dolores armchair rides the wave of the Dolores range, easily recognizable by its wave-shaped wrought iron structure. The Dolores Leather Armchair is available in ecru iron or brown iron, making a splash in 2023. 

This fusion of graceful, undulating curves and the warmth of leather signifies a bold stride for the Dolores collection, creating a harmonious sea of possibilities.

The armchair's cushions, dressed in natural full grain leather, offer a gentle embrace, gaining character over time and developing a unique patina. An elegant ecru-colored stitching seamlessly weaves through the design, creating a perfect harmony with the iron structure in the same shade.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: L80cm x W70cm x Ht65cm
  • Structure Colour: iron coated with ecru or brown epoxy paint
  • Leather Colour: natural full grain leather

Full Grain Leather

Full-grain leather, much like the ever-rolling waves, maintains its pristine surface. It's the skin's treasure trove, boasting the highest fiber density, granting exceptional strength, softness, and a delightful touch.
Over time, full-grain leather, akin to ocean waves, becomes even more inviting to the touch, showcasing a consistent patina.
To smoothen out any rough spots, some corrected-grain leathers undergo a sanding or refining process, aiming for a uniform appearance. Yet, this transformation alters the leather's inherent qualities, affecting its durability, breathability, and overall longevity.
Full-grain leather, however, even in its highest quality form, retains the skin's natural imperfections, including healed scratches, small scars, or insect bites.
Furthermore, the natural wrinkles on the hide or certain veins become more visible, much like the rolling waves, making each skin, and consequently each leather piece, a unique and artisanal creation. These are leathers that, like ocean waves, age gracefully over time.

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