Fittings and Honoré Lighting

You have landed on this page because you are trying to figure out why some of our lamps and pendants don't have any electrical fittings.

We offer these un-electrified lamps because we have realised that most of our customers have a unique setup in their homes with their own interior design.  Sometimes it can be frustrating to receive a standard sized electrical cord or fitting that is just too short to enhance your gorgeous ceiling height, or maybe it's the wrong colour and clashes with your interior design.  The standardisation of cables and fittings has a tendency to limit the expression of our customers' creativity and we certainly wouldn't want you to be frustrated.

As a result, on certain pendants, it is up to you to purchase the cable, ceiling support and the bulb socket.  You can find these accessories in hardware stores, online and in specialised shops.

For your Pendants that do not have an electrical fitting

Please purchase a cable, a socket (E27 bulbs recommended) and a ceiling support

For your wall lamps that do not have an electrical fitting

For recent homes equipped with drywalls or similar, we recommend the DCL E27 socket box and for older electrical installations, we recommend a plastic E27 screw-in socket (they can be found in French hardware stores, see what they look like here)


We highly recommend asking a certified electrician to do the installation of your Honoré lamp if you have any doubts about electrics.

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