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Capsule Gatsby Chair


Celadon Blue

NEW for 2023!

This chair is part of our new Capsule Collection, inspired by the guilded era of the Great Gatsby. It features an ecru iron frame with a seat upholstered in brick-colored or celadon blue velvet adorned with elegant golden fringes.

Its woven raffia backrest adds a touch of graceful curvature and renewed style.

Each piece has been meticulously crafted by our Moroccan artisans, and certain imperfections bear witness to the artistry of this perfectly imperfect craftsmanship.


Technical Details:

  • Seat Height: 52cm
  • Iron Structure: Ecru
  • Vibrant Velvet Colors: Brick or Celadon
  • Always Accented with Golden Fringes
  • Seat Diameter: 42cm
  • Total Height: 90cm