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Chaise Longue Carmen Lounge Chair


Canvas Colour:
Natural Blue
Pacific Blue
Ocean Blue
Grass Green
Celeste Blue

The Carmen Lounge Chair is a refined and colorful Chilean lounge chair which is recognisable with its signature H ++ embroidery on the seat. The simplicity of the design is an ode to relaxation and absolute comfort.

This lounge chair is as successful as an indoor chair as it is outdoors. Its water-repellent canvas and its iron structure coated in epoxy paint make it resistant to any weather conditions yet its timeless style makes it a minimalist and elegant piece for your interior.

Available in a multitude of colors, we have selected for you the colors that we liked the most. Treat yourself, pick and mix!

The Carmen Lounge Chair is entirely handmade by our Moroccan craftsmen. Each item is unique.

Technical details :

  • Dimensions: L90cm x l60cm x 90cm.
  • Seat height: 40cm
  • Removable canvas
  • Structure in gold, white, black, brown or red iron
  • Water repellent fabric available in the following colors:
  • Gold structure: Khaki, Tuscany, Gold, Natural White,
  • White structure: Yellow, Pacific Blue, Orange, Vermilion, Terracotta, Ocean Blue, Tuscany, Grass Green, Natural White
  • Black structure: Toast, Natural White, Vermilion
  • Brown structure: Terracotta, Tuscany, Celeste Blue, Natural White
  • Red structure: Ocean Blue, Celeste Blue, Natural White
  • The H ++ embroidery is assorted as follows to the color of the metallic structure:
  • Gold embroidery for gold structures,
  • White embroidery for white structures,
  • Black embroidery for black structures,
  • Brown embroidery for brown structures,
  • Red embroidery for red structures.
  • If you are looking for a variation that is not on the site, contact us by email and we will be happy to prepare a special order for you.

In the mood photo:

  • Carmen Chaise Longue in Pacific Blue, white structure
  • Carmen Tuscany Chaise Longue, white structure
  • Carmen Tuscany and Toast Chaise Longue chair, Tam Tam Velvet bar stools, Tube XL shelves
  • Carmen Toast Chaise Longue, black iron structure, 4 Etages wall light.