XL Embroidered Cotton Throw - Couverture Coton + Broderie XL


This blanket, handcrafted by our Moroccan artisans, is in very soft woven cotton covered with black or ecru wool embroidery with fringes at each end. It will brighten up your interior with a pretty original and colourful touch signed Honoré.

Available in 3 colours: brick, forest green, ecru. The embroidery is available in black, ecru and in 3 patterns: Face, Geometric and Indian.

Dimensions: 150 x 300 cm

Also available in 150 x 250 cm

Technical details :

  • Throw / Plaid
  • Size: 150 x 250cm
  • Pattern: Face, Indian or Geometric in black wool or ecru wool
  • Cotton colours: brick, forest green, ecru
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