Slowdown Studio Cotton Woven Blanket

Mother Nature
Mercer throw
Frantz throw
conway thow

Slowdown Studio woven blankets are the perfect weight to be used on the couch, as a picnic rug, or to hang on the wall as art. 

They are proudly made from 100% cotton grown, spun and woven in the USA. All blankets are manufactured with yarn that is made from 25% recycled cotton.

All of our blankets now come packaged in a reusable drawstring dust bag. Each dust bag has the Slowdown Studio logo and is made from deadstock cotton fabric. Perfect for storing your blanket while not in use.

Technical Details:

Size: 54" x 70" (137cm x 178cm).

Care: Machine wash cold on a gentle cycle. Dry on a cool cycle or line dry.

100% cotton

About Slowdown Studio:

Slowdown Studio was founded by Australian designer Marc Hendrick in east LA in 2015. Discovering emerging and established artists from across the globe, collaboration is at the heart of Slowdown Studio. The modern lifestyle brand celebrates individuality and artistry, and the result is a collection of living, breathing works of art that are both functional and beautiful. Slowdown Studio invites you to embrace the slower moments in life. Slow it down.


Theo : The Theo Throw was designed by German artist Meike Legler. This design was selected as one of Slowdown's twelve winners for the 2021 Slowdown Art Comp.

Hynes : The Hynes Throw was designed by Barcelona-based illustrator Malwina Marchwicka, who loves to explore with abstract and figurative shapes and composition primarily with paper collage. Colors and playfulness are essential key in her work.

Mother Nature: The Mother Nature Throw was designed by St. Louis-based artist Marco Cheatham who is known for his colorful and playful figurative designs.

Oroza: The Oroza Throw was designed by Argentinian artist Stefanía Copertini, who is known for her colorful abstract work.

Dresden: The Dresden Throw was designed by Dallas-based illustrator Niki Dionne. She is also known for her oil pastels and fiber art.

Hazelwood : The Hazlewood Throw was designed by Berlin-based artist and designer Raby Florence-Fofana who's love of abstract composes in painting, collages and patterns truly shows in her work.

Kimbie: The Kimbie Throw was designed by Uruguayan artist Maite García. This design was selected as one of our twelve winners of the 2019 Slowdown Art Comp

Barbosa: designed by Nantes-based artist Thomas Gaudinet, offers us a perfect summer meal set-up. A pitcher of something refreshing, ripe fruit and, depending on your mood, the hint of solitary peacefulness or a peek into the perfect sunset dinner party.

Dumont : designed by Leeds-based illustrator Steven Fritters. She has an eccentric flair and often depicts playful characters in her illustrations.

Hudson: The Hudson Throw, designed by Korean artist Woo In Young, is as fresh and vibrant as any Spring bouquet we’ve ever seen. The best part - no need to water these flowers.

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