Etagere Tube Haute M - Tube Wall Shelf M

Tray Collour:
Natural Light Wood

The Etagere Tube range is a collection of original Honoré wall shelves designed for your magazines, books or objets d’art. With their vibrant colours, they really add a lovely decorative touch to your walls. The shelves are 19cm deep and have limitless arrangements.

Pick & Mix the colour of your shelf : Tube shelves are available in black, gold, white and red.

The tray of the shelf is in natural light wood.

Also available in S, L and XL format.

Technical details :

  • Dimensions: L30cm x H48cm, Depth: 19cm
  • Available in gold, black, white or brown iron
  • Shelf wood colour: natural light wood
  • Also available in S, L, and XL formats.
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