Circus Bouclette Armchair

Cushion colour:
Ecru Bouclette
Camel Velvet / Ecru Bouclette

New 2024!

With the Circus Chair, the staging of your interior takes on a new look.

Warm bouclette fabric meets the luxury of velvet for a seat promising optimal comfort. The Circus Chair is as beautiful from the front as it is from the back: the velvet/bouclé stripes on the back add elegance and refinement to your space.

True to its name, the Circus Chair draws inspiration from the world of the circus and its grand marquees. With the Circus Chair, every day is a premiere, every evening an unforgettable performance.

The show must go on!

Technical Details:

  • Dimensions: 85cm x 88cm, height 85cm, seat height 40 cm
  • Colours: Seat cushions in ecru bouclé, stripes in bouclé and velvet. Options include camel, brick, and other colors for the stripes.
  • Also available as a sofa.
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