Caracole Table Lamp

Terracotta base - wool lampshade
Textured white ceramic base - natural fibre lampshade

The Caracole table lamp is an original creation, drawing its inspiration from the artistry of our skilled potters, experts in the craft of transforming raw materials. Fragments of clay are meticulously shaped into coils of various sizes, masterfully assembled to breathe life into new objects.

At Honoré, we were captivated by this ingenious sculpting technique, to which we added our personal touch.

Each lampshade is meticulously matched to the base's finish: a wool lampshade complements the lamp with a raw terracotta base, while a natural fiber lampshade complements the lamp with a textured white ceramic base.

The Caracole collection thrives in an organic aesthetic, casting a soft, natural glow over your spaces and infusing them with a unique character. Each lamp is an authentic and exceptional piece, reflecting the cherished artisanal craftsmanship that defines us.


Technical Details:

  • Dimensions: Total height 96 cm
  • Lampshade varies based on base color:
    • Lamp with raw terracotta base - Wool lampshade
    • Lamp with textured white ceramic base - Natural fiber lampshade


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