Planche 2 Trous Serving Platter Size L


The planche 2 trous serving platter by Honoré is a stunning and practical way to serve appetizers and snacks. 

The perfect size for cheese, fruit, charcuterie, and other specialties, it features a beautiful walnut board, 2 handy hanging holes, and our stylish logo engraved on the front. 

Handcrafted in 100% untreated walnut wood. With its sleek design and durable build, Honoré walnut trays develop their own patina and are an essential addition to any entertainer's toolkit.

Details :

  • Dimensions : 50x32cm
  • 2 holes on each side
  • Also exists in size M
  • Composition : 100% untreated walnut wood
  • Maintenance :  simply wipe with an olive oil-soaked paper towel before use to prevent grease stains.  With time, the patina will become increasingly visible and your object will develop its own charm.

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