Caracole Presentation Dishes


The Caracole presentation dishes draw their inspiration from the ingenious craftsmanship of our skilled potters, experts in the art of transforming raw materials. Fragments of clay are meticulously shaped into coils of various sizes, expertly assembled to breathe life into new objects.

At Honoré, we were captivated by this ingenious sculpting method, to which we added our personal touch.

The Caracole collection thrives in an organic aesthetic. Each dish is a unique and exceptional piece, reflecting the cherished artisanal character that defines us.

The Caracole presentation dishes are generously sized and extra-wide, perfect for decorative use.


Technical Details:

  • Dimensions :
    • XL Presentation Dish: Diameter 39cm, Height 8cm
    • L Presentation Dish: Diameter 28cm, Height 10cm
  • Ceramic Colors: Textured White
  • Care Instructions: Not dishwasher safe - hand wash only. Not suitable for microwave use.
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