Palmer Pendant

Fern + green fringes + brown iron structure
Green and white stripes + green fringes + brown iron structure
Ocre + brown fringes + ecru iron structure
Brick and brown stripes + brown fringes + ecru iron structure

New 2024!

Introducing the Palmer Pendant, an outdoor reinterpretation of our renowned Parasol Fringe Pendant.

Just like the Palmer chair and table, the Palmer Pendant nods to the 60s modernist style, epitomised in Palm Springs by architects Dan Palmer and William Krisel, whose designs have become synonymous with mid-century modern architecture, often featuring this style of furniture.

Designed for outdoor spaces, the Palmer combines durability and design with its iron structure and robust canvas covering.The thick fringes have been designed to sway with the breeze without tangling and will add a bright and elegant touch to your terraces.

Choose the shade that complements your outdoor space from our four exclusive variants: a monochromatic fern green, white and mint green stripes, a deep ochre with brown fringes, or the boldness of a brick and brown striped pattern.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: Diameter 100cm
  • Colours: Fern green with English green fringes, Mint green/white stripes with English green fringes, Ochre with brown fringes, Brick/brown stripes with brown fringes.
  • The frame colours are matched to the canvas colour: brown iron for the green pendants, ecru iron for the earth-coloured pendants.

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