Virgo Pendant

Lampshade colour:
Ecru Wool
Orange Wool
Celadon Blue Wool
Natural Fibre

NEW 2024! 

Dive into a warm and rustic atmosphere with our Virgo pendant lights: a tribute to 1970s design, inspired by interiors straight out of "100 ideas" magazines from that era.

These pieces capture the essence of sophisticated simplicity. The contrast between geometric lines and the soft texture of the weavings adds a warm dimension to your interior and a striking look that is both retro and certainly modern. 

The Virgo pendant lights are available in 3 sizes and 4 natural materials: orange wool, ecru wool, celadon blue wool, and natural fibre. Mix and match to your liking.

Technical details: 

  • Dimensions :
    - Size L diameter 70cm, total height 120cm
    - Size M diameter 70cm, total height 105cm
    - Size S diameter 24cm, total height 70cm
  • Weaving colors: orange wool, ecru wool, celadon blue wool, natural fiber
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