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Cearmic Dolores Coffee Table / Amphorae Design


Like a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, the Ceramic Table Dolores with Amphorae Design is an original work inspired by a journey to Egypt, capturing the essence of jars and amphorae. In line with the Dolores collection's spirit, the table's structure boasts an ecru wavy structure.

The tabletop is a ceramic marvel adorned with intricate amphorae motifs. Each tabletop is a unique creation, shaped by the artisan's skill and the nuances of the glazing process. This table exudes the character and uniqueness of a collector's item.

The table's structure is coated with ecru epoxy paint, seamlessly fitting into any setting, whether indoors or outdoors.

Technical Details

  • Ecru iron structure
  • For outdoor use, we recommend using a protective cover throughout the winter on your outdoor furniture. Annual paint maintenance is advised to prevent any signs of rust.
  • Enamel ceramic tabletop adorned with amphorae motifs
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Dimensions: 90cm x 70cm, with a height of 35cm