Be Bold! Add a touch of Fuchsia to your home decor

Be Bold! Add a touch of Fuchsia to your home decor

There's no need to be afraid of a little colour in your life! Fuchsia is here to stay and can really add a splash of style and elegance to your home. In this article, here are reasons why you should make a statement with this new colour in your interior and hopefully, you'll be eager to start using this trendy colour in your home

From your garden to the red carpet… fuchsia is back!

The plant Fuchsia, discovered by botanist Leonhardt Fuchs, has been an inspiration for many artists since its discovery. The mauve and pink hues of the fuchsia flower have given way to a popular color trend. Thus, from colored plants were born new colors.

Fuchsia became a color thanks to the work of Honoré de Balzac who was first to describe it as a colour. Then, artists and stylists took hold of the hue and have been using it ever since. Fuchsia has been a popular color throughout history, appearing in art, fashion, and other areas.

Recently, the color has had a real revival thanks to Lady Gaga and Rhianna who proudly wore it on the red carpets.

After a long absence, fuchsia is making a strong comeback in the world of home decor. And we could not be happier! After all, fuchsia is associated with confidence and audacity. So let's dare to use it!

How to use Fuchsia in your decor

Fuchsia is a very versatile color that can be used anywhere. This tone elevates the energy of a room with its vibrant color. Here are some ways you can integrate it into your home décor:

1. Give your walls a fuchsia makeover. A pop of color goes a long way, especially when it's fuchsia. not only will it add instant warmth to your home, but also highlight any paintings you might have displayed.

2. Introduce a pop of fuchsia into your home with a piece of furniture: take it from the El Fenn hotel in Marrakech, which has an entire fuchsia sofa...

but if you want to take things slowly, start with our new Croisette armchair in the fuchsia colour from our capsule collection.

Dorothée Delaye decided to add a pop of color to her Bords du Lac home in Hossegor by reupholstering vintage furniture with Fuchsia covers.

3. Accessorise: use color in small touches: a plaid, a rug, a lamp or a throw cushion.

4. Hang fuchsia on the walls: think Frida Khalo images and the flowers she wore in her hair

5. If you're looking to add a touch of femininity and romance to your look, consider adopting the total Pink Look. In this photo, it's a real success with powder pink, fuchsia, nude colors and burgundy.

This year, why not inject some fun into your home with the vibrant and unforgettable colour of fuchsia? Tell us how you’ll be using it in your next project. Share your thoughts with us on Instagram @honoredeco or take a look at our “tendance fuchsia” board on Pinterest.

Many thanks to the hotel El Fenn in Marrakech and Iconic House Les Bords du Lac in Hossegor for the photos!

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