Arlequin L Pendant Light

Braiding in raffia or rope:

The Arlequin pendant lights are a string of lanterns, the end of which is dressed with a pretty ecru-coloured pompon.

The Arlequin L pendant light is an elegant decorative object with that is 1.20m hight and 50cm wide. Its two ball-shaped lanterns and two cylindrical suspensions give it an elegant and stylish allure in the pure spirit of Honoré.

The Arlequin L pendant is composed of an iron structure with an ecru-coloured rope or raffia weaving. It is not electrified so you can just as easily use it as a light fixture or display it as a decorative object.

The Arlequin pendant light is handmade by our Moroccan craftsmen. Each object is unique.

Technical details :

  • Dimensions: Diameter: 50cm, Height: 120cm
  • Iron structure
  • Braiding in raffia or rope
  • Electrical fittings: none, what does that mean?
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