Our manufacturing cycles for pre-order items

On this website, you'll find practically all the variations of our products. They are abundant, and we take pride in offering handmade and entirely unique products. For obvious reasons, it's impossible for us to stock everything in our Marseille store, so some items are made to order.

In response to our customers' needs, we have implemented the possibility of "pre-ordering" certain items. We believe it's important to be as transparent as possible about the availability of your products, so you can have a more precise idea of when your Honoré item will arrive at your home.

The availability date is indicated in your cart (under the product description) and in your order confirmation email.

It looks like this:

    These availability dates apply only to pre-order products. If the item you purchased is in stock, it will be delivered within the timeframes specified in our delivery policy.

    Feel free to contact the Honoré store to learn more.

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