Applique 1 Rond Wall Lamp


Our Round wall lights create adorable splashes of light indoors. They spread a cheerful light throughout your home and come in 3 different sizes: 1 Rond, 3 Ronds and 5 Ronds

The reflector of the lampshade is brass and the color of the structure is available in gold, white or black coated metal. The lampshade is woven in rope or raffia depending on the look and feel you want to give your wall lamp. Design your own lamp and feel free to Pick & Mix!

The “1 Rond” wall lamp is the most minimalist version of the lamps in the “Ronds” range.

Technical details :

  • Dimensions: diameter 40cm x thickness 10 cm
  • Reflector in brass metal
  • Black, gold or white coated iron structure
  • Lampshade woven in raffia or rope
  • Electrical fitting: none, what does that mean?

As seen in photo:

  • 1 Rond wall lamp in rope with gold metal structure
  • 1 Round wall lamp in rope with metal structure
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