Applique Feuille Philo Wall Lamp


Since its release, the Applique Feuille Philo Leaf wall lamp has been one of Honoré’s bestsellers.

The Philo wall lamp is an original creation in the shape of a Philodendron Monstera leaf that will decorate your walls with a lush, golden and ultra-trendy vibe. It does not have an electrical fitting which enalbles you to use it as a wall lamp or simply as decorative wall art.

Our Philo Leaf wall lamps are handmade by our Moroccan craftsmen. Each object is unique.

"Handcrafted: each pendant light/table lamp is entirely handmade by our talented craftsmen. You may notice slight imperfections from one item to another. These natural variations are evidence of our craftsmanship and symbolise the quintessence of Honoré objects."

Technical details :

As seen in photo:

  • Philo leaf wall lamp
  • Philo leaf wall lamp, 65x65 Hotel pillowcase
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