3 Cloches Pendant Light

Structure :

A pendant lamp inspired by lampshades from the 1930’s, the 3 Cloches pendant lamp will give your interior a touch of elegance and warmth.

The iron structure of this pendant light is customisable: available in gold, white or black iron and the weaving of the lampshade is available either in raffia or in ecru-coloured rope.

Pick & Mix!

  • The diameters of the 3 bells range from 13 to 55cm.
  • The 3-bell pendant is handcrafted by our Moroccan craftsmen. Each item is unique.

Technical details :

  • Dimensions: Diameter 13 / 55cm, height 75cm
  • Braiding: raffia or ecru rope
  • Structure in painted iron: gold, white or black
  • Electrical fittings: none, what does that mean?
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