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Celeste Corde + Cuir Pendant Light


Celeste is an elegant pendant lamp inspired by Japanese lanterns, which will illuminate your interior with a soft and warm light. The Céleste pendant light is the suspended sister of the Céleste Corde + Leather lantern. The structure of the pendant is made of iron and our Moroccan craftsmen have done a wonderful job weaving rope and leather to give it a true Honoré personality.

In its Celeste Cord and Leather pendant version, it will illuminate your large spaces with natural and geometric rays of light.

Technical details:

  • Dimensions: diameter 40cm, Height 82cm
  • Weaving of the lampshade: ecru cord and "Gold" leather
  • Structure: tinplate
  • Base: light wood
  • Electrical fittings: none, what does that mean?

As seen in photo:

  • Celeste lantern pendant light, Venus oval pendant light